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I'm Jen. My wellness journey began when I first started practicing yoga after a lower back injury in 2010. From the moment I started, I noticed an amazing improvement in not only my flexibility, but also my anxiety, the quality of my breath, the way I reacted to things and how I viewed myself as well as the world around me. Since then, I have faced many physical and emotional challenges, including healing through loss and grief, PTSD, and surviving a cancerous sarcoma tumor in 2017. Yoga kept me going and it gave me reassurance to trust the process, to be in the present moment, and to be grateful for all that life has given me. Starting a yoga practice was just the beginning, however! I cleaned up my diet, made connections within my community that lifted me up and inspired me, and I began to see a more positive outlook on my life. In fact, it was at the 2017 Wanderlust festival in Snowshoe, West Virginia that I had the realization that I needed to be a yoga teacher.


In April of 2018, I became RYT-200 with yoga alliance and I have been teaching and coordinating yoga events ever since, including becoming a brand ambassador for the Wanderlust yoga festival in 2018. I am also taking training to teach trauma sensitive populations. As a yoga teacher, I want to bring yoga into the lives of others to help them heal and find peace, find hope where they may feel hopeless, and to regain their personal power. 

I am currently living and teaching in the Cincinnati area.  I teach vinyasa flow, vinyasa to yin, yoga nidra and lead guided meditations. I like to find a sense of play and dance-like movement within my personal practice, letting spirit move through me. I am currently in training to recieve 300hr certification in kundalini yoga with Ravi Singh. I also love hosting events and traveling and I am welcoming any opportunities to do so!


When I'm not practicing or teaching yoga, I am also a designer and artist, a writer, and a photographer.  I have been recently getting back into web design, mostly designing websites for the wellness industry. Visually and creatively driven, I enjoy weaving creativity into just about everything that I do. I am obsessed with astrology, enjoy hiking and camping adventures, wandering the woods and exploring a quiet beach. I am fascinated by crystals and rocks, plant life and animal friends, and essential oils. You can also find me cooking up your favorite meals, making them vegan and delicious! I truly believe in the healing power of community.

“Be enlightened that the other human being is you. Understand through compassion that passion will make you misunderstand. Vibrate on the cosmos and the cosmos will clear your path. When fear and insecurity leave you, truth and spirit will be with you." 

 Yogi Bhajan

Special Events

Glow with the Flow
Loveland Fine Art Gallery

Fun and energetic glow in the dark yoga! Practice with the glow of black lights, upbeat music, yoga and creative fun! 

Winter Retreat

This one day retreat includes guided meditation, your own personal journal, yoga, provided lunch, heart-centered activities to connect with one another, singing bowls, rest and relaxation. All supplies needed for the retreat will be provided. 

Women's Essential Skill Workshop

 This is a space where we can call upon our community of women elders and peers to learn essentials that improve the quality of our lives. “Strengthening our connection to the earth, feminine core and each other.” Join me for yoga, walking meditation and a fire+cacao ceremony, among many talented women sharing their skills! More info to come soon!


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Jen Malloy

Located in Cincinnati, Ohio

Email: malloyjl@outlook.com

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